6 To-do's for Spring

It’s here…it’s finally here…SPRING!


Who else is super excited for a new season? Our winter was entirely too long and unpleasant this year, so hearing the birds chirping and finally seeing the sun has been a game-changer!

For me, Spring is always a time for change. Time to turn over a new leaf…to grow and renew. So I thought I would share with you my favorite things to-do to usher in Spring. Perhaps you’ll even discover something to add to your own Spring to-do list.

  1. Get Outside - now that the ice and freezing temps have gone, it’s time to spend more time outdoors! I tend to get a bit of cabin fever in the winter, so being able to get outside more without worrying about frostbite or a blizzard is a huge plus. Go for a walk, a run, a hike or a ride…whatever, just get outside and enjoy some fresh air. For me…I will be celebrating with my first bike ride of the season.

  2. Clean Out - so I may have already started this the other week when we changed the clocks. But something I do every year is a Spring clean out. Cupboards, drawers, closets, the garage…whatever. Time to organize and purge. (Thanks Marie Kondo) I’ve got a few big bags of stuff to donate from my closet and the linen cupboard. Plus, I got rid of a ton of old toiletries, broken hair clips, ancient makeup and other crap from the bathroom draws.

  3. Grow Something - obviously, Spring is a time for growth. So why not get planning your garden or mapping out your yard. I’m going to get some seeds started for my veggie garden and I will be planning out what we’ll be doing with the rest of the yard this year. And of course making a wish list of new plants and trees I would like to add to my garden.

  4. Yard Work - now I know this may sound weird, but I actually like doing yard work. And I even enjoy cleaning out my gardens after the winter and uncovering my plants. I can’t stand looking at all the gunk the winter has left behind. Even if you’re not ready to start working in the yard, why not just take a little Spring stroll around your yard. Check out how things survived the winter and keep an eye out for new buds and blossoms.

  5. Plan Ahead - so immediately, when Spring comes, I also starting thinking of the summer. And now’s the time to start planning out those few precious months of warm weather. Holidays, camping, events and summer camps. It seems like every year, our calendar goes from zero to no free summer weekends in like a minute. Plus, having all those awesome activities on the calendar always gives me something to look forward too and helps keep the whole fam organized.

  6. Give Yourself Some Love - btw…Spring isn’t all about cleaning and physical labour. It’s about change and rebirth and energy. So make sure you take some time to take care of you. Winter isn’t just hard on your house, it’s also hard on you. (I know it did a number on me this year) Whether it’s enjoying a long bath with beautiful petals and herbs. Or finally starting that book you’ve been putting off. Maybe it’s treating yourself to a new Spring tea and a walk through the park or taking a hike in your favorite place and warming up with a coffee afterwards. Just make some time for you…time to grow, re-energize and renew.

Whatever you love to do in the Spring…do that! Your list maybe totally different than mine, and that’s totally OK. No matter what’s on your list, just make sure you take a few moments to get outside and feel the sun on your face and the breeze on your skin.

Spring is all about growth. And we need water and sun too!