My Top 10 Vegan Camping Foods

In cased you missed my IG stories, we had our first camping trip of 2019 this past weekend! And it was a blast! For the past couple years we have made it a tradition to go camping for Father’s Day weekend with a bunch of our friends. The weather was not the best, but also not the worst and the kids had a blast getting wet and muddy.

Anyway, I thought I might share with you some of my favorite camping eats, sans meat! Yes, you totally can go camping, and feel satisfied without eating animal products. True story! I’ve been doing it for a few years and we have never gone hungry or felt like we were missing out!


So here’s my list of staples that you can usually find on our camping trips. And please remember…this is camping, so it’s not going to be super healthy and good for you. And that’s OK. Because CAMPING!

My Top 10 Vegan Camping Foods

  1. Veggie Dogs & Veggie Burgers - perfect on a grill or over the fire! I also like to bring some vegan lunch meats and bacon or breakfast sausages for the morning.

  2. Veggies and Hummus - super easy and a great way too add at least a few vegetable to the festivities.

  3. Salads- yes, I usually bring some kind of salad for camping. Not usually a green, leafy one because depending on your refrigeration access, it might spoil. But things like pasta salad, bean salad and coleslaw hold up quite well.

  4. Beans - I always keep a couple tins of baked beans on hand just in case. Make sure to check your ingredients as lots of them contain pork or lard. But there are plenty that don’t. And they’re great for a quick side or for Beanie Weenies for the kids…or yourself.

  5. Breakfast food - bagels, cereal, oatmeal or toast makes for a quick and easy brekkie. I always pack some PB & J too. And if I’m really on the ball, I will make waffles ahead of time to re-heat. Cook up some vegan bacon and you’re good to go!

  6. Fruit - Apples, bananas, grapes and usually some watermelon. A great way to indulge that sweet tooth. Plus, apples and bananas make great desserts in the campfire!

  7. Chocolate - yes, there is such a thing as vegan chocolate. And you don’t even have to buy fancy vegan stuff as there are lots of ‘accidentally vegan’ ones out there. I like to grab some plain dark chocolate bars and chocolate chips. For S’mores and Banana boats of course!

  8. Marshmallows - now, I hate the be the bearer of bad news, but regular marshmallows aren’t vegan…sorry. They’re made with gelatin. BUT, there are vegan ones! For real and they are delish! I like the Dandies brand and they work great for roasting and for S’mores!

  9. Chips - everyone loves chips right?! And you can enjoy them in the woods too, just as long as you check the ingredients. Tortilla chips are great and lots of flavors of potato chips are also vegan. Just stay away from things like Sour Cream & Onion, Cheese flavours and even some Salt & Vinegar or Dill Pickles ones. But don’t despair, Sweet Chili Heat Doritos are vegan!

  10. Drinks - now it wouldn’t be camping without some cold drinks. We always have a cooler for beer. I also make sure to bring 100% juice boxes for the kiddos as a treat and some sparkling water too. And if we’re feeling fancy, we’ll even bring some wine to enjoy by the fire. Just make sure to double check your alcoholic bevvies. Sadly, some are not vegan! I KNOW…RIGHT?! But there’s a great site called Barnivore where you can find out if your favorite drinks are vegan or not.

Do you like camping? What’s YOUR favorite camping food? Comment below.