That Time I Went to Camp

Hey everyone! Sorry I’ve been a little MIA lately. But you know…Summer. Camping, BBQ’s, holidays… so much stuff, but it’s been awesome!

And if you missed it, I just got back from camp! Yep…I went to camp. For real…well, with my family. But it was totally camp. I managed to book us a spot at Veg Out Camp for the week. We had an adorable little cabin on the lake. And our bedroom overlooked the water. So perfect!

Our little cabin.

Our little cabin.

But what made it even more amazing is that Veg Out Camp had daily activities and nightly VEGAN potlucks! Yep, every night was a different theme and everyone (40+ campers) ate amazing plant-powered food together. Talk about heaven!

Now when I say cabin…I mean cabin. There was no TV, phone or internet. It was cute and tiny, with a lovely wood stove and the basic necessities. (I may have splurged a bit and booked a cabin with indoor plumbing, LOL). But being unplugged with my family was exactly what I (we) needed!

The kids spent their days swimming, playing in the sand, hanging out with the ducks, participating in almost all the activities and making new friends. For me, I did just about all the scheduled activities too! There was HIIT, yoga, meditation, hiking, canoeing, a trip to the rapids, a hike to an amazing natural spring, and more. I even managed to go for a couple runs while I was there. (which is pretty crazy, given I haven’t run outside in ages)

And then of course there was the food! O.M.G. It was incredible. I was in awe standing in front of the food table each night. Loads of delicious and healthy food, and it was all vegan. I could eat EVERYTHING! And trust me…I did.

Anyways, I could go on and on about how much fun we had at camp. But I will save a few favorite parts for myself. I guess the point of this rambling, is to remind you how important it is to nourish yourself. Not only with food…I mean, that’s pretty great, but also with what makes you happy and feel alive…what’s good for your body and soul. I LOVE the water and the woods and desperately needed to fill up my bucket with all that nature goodness. Being unplugged for a week forced me to just be in the moment and enjoy each experience. I feel refreshed, recharged and ready for what comes next.

My morning view.

My morning view.

Except for laundry…cuz I’ve been doing in for the past two days! LOL!

So whatever lights you up…do that!

Unplug yourself, go to camp, take a trip, do something to fill yourself up and feel the difference!

p.s. did you take any amazing holidays this summer? Or head out on a journey or retreat? I would love to hear all about it. Drop me a line in the comments below.