Happy Halloween!

It's October 31st and we're getting excited to take the kiddies out for Halloween! Unfortunately, Mother Nature has other plans for us as it's presently raining cats & dogs here on the homestead.  Or should I say ghosts & ghouls?  Either way, I'm still not sure what we will be doing tonight.  Perhaps just driving to a few friend's houses to show the cuties off in their costumes, or maybe Mall-o-ween?  Who knows? Maybe we'll put on our rain gear and see if our neighbours will feel sorry for us and fill our bags with candy.

I'm not going to worry too much about it.  And neither should you.  Holidays should be fun and stress-free (in a perfect world)  and not just about gettin' stuff.  Whether it's Halloween, Christmas or Easter - the day should be fun and exciting and full of great experiences, not just things.  Things don't make you happy in the long run. But memories will outlast those toys & treats.

So tonight, regardless of the weather, we are going to have a great Halloween!  Even if it's just inside a blanket fort with flashlights, telling ghost stories.  It will be full of fun and we'll make some great memories.  And it won't cost us anything.  Now that's what I call a good time!

Happy Halloween from our homestead to yours!  Hope you and your little goblins have a smile-filled and memorable night no matter what you do!

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