Top 5 Must-Make Vegan Easter Treats

Top 5 Must-Make Vegan Easter Treats

Easter is just over a week away and it’s time to get serious. Easter treats, candy, goodies…whatever you want to call them… but what do you eat if you’re vegan? Luckily, there’s actually quite a few ‘accidentally vegan’ candies out there these days. So you can fill your baskets with gummies and jelly beans without missing out. (just read your labels…lots have gelatin, but there’s lots that don’t too!)

But what about the other goodies? The baked goods and chocolate-y treats? Well, don’t despair…I’ve tracked down some awesome vegan recipes for some of my favorite Easter treats! So go ahead and enjoy…and if you’re feeling extra nice, maybe even bring some to share with your family!

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Yummy Easter Treats #Glutenfree & #Vegan

With just 2 weeks until the big Bunny shows up, I thought I'd better get planning some treats for the kids.  The stores are jam-packed with sugary, chemical-rich, nutrient-void neon Easter goodies right now.  And I don't want the girls to feel left out when I can't bring myself to buy that junk.  So again, Pinterest saves the day!  Check out some of these fabulous Easter treats you can make at home and actually contain some real ingredients.

Gluten Free & Vegan Easter Treats

Easter Basket Cupcakes from Jules Gluten Free

Raw Easter Cookies: the flavors are Strawberry Mint, Berry Vanilla and Carrot Cake. Yum!
Raw Easter Cookies from Vegan Yack Attack

Gluten-Free Easter Bunny Cake
Easter Bunny Cake from Recipe Renovator

Easter Basket Cupcakes
Easter Basket Cupcakes from Recipe Renovator

hot-cross-buns- smaller
Hot Cross Buns from Jules Gluten Free

What's your favourite Easter treat?  Need some more Easter ideas? Check out my Easter board on Pinterest!
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