Be Yourself

Be yourself.  That sounds easy enough and it seems that those 2 words are most people's go to words of advice. But do you know who YOU are? Well, I can honestly say that it's taken me over 3 decades to start finding out who I really am.  And that makes me kind of sad....I only wish I had known years earlier what I know now. 

How do I know who I am??

Well, I have finally found the place where I'm happy with me and my choices.  I'm doing things I want to do and not worrying about what everyone else thinks.  Forget my parents, my friends and acquaintances opinions, what really matters is mine. I don't care if I'm not wearing the latest brands or am up to date on all the celebrity gossip.  I don't care if my house is messy and my hair is unwashed.  I care that I'm looking after whatever way fits.

Whether it's cooking some new recipe with the latest health food or making my own cleaning products; whether it's making unique decorating decisions or spending my free time in second hand shops, I don't care.  Yes it sounds selfish and that's OK.  Remember, it's YOURself, not THEIRself.

Being yourself is embracing those things, activities, experiences that fill your bucket. And I've decided to ditch those things that empty my bucket and focus on those things that fill me up.

It's definitely easier said than done.  But one thing I can tell you for certain is start saying YES to you!  And you'll soon find that YOU, that person you've been trying to find, starts showing up more and more often.