Tip Tuesday: DIY Holiday Urns

'Tis the season to dress up your home for the holidays.  And just about everywhere you go you will see stores selling gorgeous arrangements of greenery.  For the past number of years I've been making my own and thought I'd share this season's creation.

We have quite a few cedars and evergreens on our property and that's usually what I use for my Christmas pots, but this year I tried a little something different.  Nothing green, just branches and wood from our yard.  I'm going the the Rustic Minimalist look you could say!

So Stella and I hunted around the yard for things we could use.

In my cast iron urns are some logs from a tree we had taken down last year.  Then I painted some dead cedar branches in white and silver.  The grasses you see are actually the dried stems from my Hostas.
The start of the urns, but  I wasn't feeling the bow.

A little holiday sparkle!
I did hit the Dollar Store for the ornaments and painted pine cones.  
Both urns ended up costing me a total of $8.00! Sweet!

The only thing missing is some snow!

So why not grab the kids and do a little scavenger hunt in your own yard to make your festive pots?  No yard? Take a walk in the woods and see what treasures you can find.
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