Olde Drive Blueberry Farm: If You Can't Grow It, Then Pick It!

After returning home from a few glorious days of camping we ended up with a lovely sunny afternoon with nothing to do. Well, aside from cleaning out all our camping gear, laundry and all that fun stuff.

What better way to spend a Tuesday afternoon with the family then to go Blueberry picking.  We're lucky enough to have a handful of Blueberry farms within a few minutes of our house.  After a quick Internet search I settled on Olde Drive Blueberry Farm . Yes, there are some bigger & closer farms, but what sealed the deal was they're NO SPRAY... and they also have some of the best prices per pound of purple goodness!

We grabbed our sun hats and headed down the road.   When we pulled into the farm it was a small unassuming house with a little table set up in the garage.  This is where we were outfitted with buckets, straps and directions to the blueberry patch.

We drove past Buffalo, chickens, lilies and some lovely fields before coming up on the patch.  Now since it was getting close to the end of the season, you had to hunt a little harder for those berries, but there were still tons to be picked!

The girls LOVED picking their own berries.  Stella thought it was pretty amazing and loved trying to find the perfect berry - not too under ripe or too over ripe.   And now she wants to plant some bushes in our yard next year. Even Alice got into the groove and it only took her about 45 minutes before she realized she could eat the berries right off the bush!

There is something so enjoyable and fulfilling about picking your own food.  It was a fantastic way to teach the girls about how things grow and all the various animals and bugs that love blueberries.  It was also just a fabulous way to spend the afternoon with the family. We happily enjoyed a little healthy blueberry picking competition!

After about an hour or so we ended up with about 8L of fresh, natural blueberries from the  Olde Drive Blueberry Farm. Stella has decided that she is going to make apple sauce with her berries! (yup, apple sauce!) And for me, I think some gluten-free muffins and homemade fruit roll-ups are in order!