6 To-do's for Spring

6 To-do's for Spring

Who else is super excited for a new season? Our winter was entirely too long and unpleasant this year, so hearing the birds chirping and finally seeing the sun has been a game-changer!

For me, Spring is always a time for change. Time to turn over a new leaf…to grow and renew. So I thought I would share with you my favorite things to-do to usher in Spring. Perhaps you’ll even discover something to add to your own Spring to-do list.

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3 Gorgeous Bulbs to Plant Now

The snow has finally started melting and I can even see the tips of a few of my tulips peaking up from the Earth.  I planted a ton of bulbs over the past couple years, but with the extended Winter, I really can't wait for them to come up! So I thought I'd take a look and see what other bulbs I could get in the ground in the next couple weeks to add to my collections.

Check out these 3 gorgeous bulbs I'm going to plant. They can planted in the Spring and will bring loads of lovely Summer colours to my garden!

3 Bulbs to Plant in Spring for Summer Colour

Asiatic lily

Asiatic Lily: one of the hardiest Lilies, you can plant them in the Fall and early Spring.  They'll bloom in the Summer with a fantastic show of vibrant blooms on tall stalks. They come in a rainbow of colours and will certainly add beauty to your garden. 

Dahlias: they're easy to grow and make for wonderful cut flowers.  They can be planted now and will bloom from Summer to Fall.  The beautiful blooms come in a variety of colours and sizes.  Depending on where you live you may need to bring them in for the Winter.  I'm going to try planting these in pots and putting them in my garden and come Fall I can bring them all in at once. 

Gladiolus: now these are some serious blooms! These bulbs can be planted in the Spring once the frost is gone and will bring spectacular colour to your garden.  They make great cut flowers and will bloom from Summer until the frost starts.  Again, these bulbs may need to be brought inside for the Winter depending on your climate.  But they do well in containers to so perhaps this will be another potted one for me!

What's coming up in your garden?
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