A Wonderfully Warm Welcome


Yesterday we popped out in the morning to run a few errands and grab a few groceries.  When we returned we were surprised to find a giant bag of goodies on our doorstep! What could it be? Who was it from?

The tag said Building Brydges and what a perfect tagline!  I guess this bag is our town's welcoming committee and it was so thoughtful.


Stella was chomping at the bit to see what was in this giant goodie bag!  This tote was filled with goodies from local businesses welcoming us to the neighbourhood.  There were mugs and pens, car car stuff and pet goodies and fabulous coupons for the local businesses.  We even got a quart of fresh tomatoes!

I have to say this simple gesture totally made my day.  I have been exploring the local merchants, but now with the full business directory and some great coupons I will definitely be doing more shopping in town.


So to who ever takes care of Building Brydges, I can honestly say Well Done and Thank You!  I've never in ANY of my previous homes received such a warm community welcome.

So thanks again!