Have you tried to switch to a plant-powered lifestyle, but just couldn’t stick with it?

  • Were you lost when it came to food choices?

  • Did family and friends think you were crazy?

  • Were you feeling like a black sheep with no one to turn to for support?

  • Did you feel overwhelmed with all the information on the internet?

  • Was is just easier to be like everyone else?

But maybe, deep down you know that ditching animal products is the right choice for YOU. Perhaps it’s for your health, or for the animals, or for the planet…or for any other reason. Well, you’ve found yourself at the right place!

The Rebel Veg Academy is a 7-week online course to teach you how to finally transition to a plant-powered diet without feeling deprived, overwhelmed or alone. Now this isn’t a meal plan or a weight-loss program…but yes, there will be some recipes and menu plans, but there is so much more to making the switch to a veggie-powered life. The RVA will not only show you what to eat, but it will also address the personal and emotional aspects of going against the grain and embracing your inner plant-powered rebel. From friends and family, to social functions and eating out…The Rebel Veg Academy will tackle all those subjects (and more) that you may not have realized were holding you back from living your best plant-powered life.

So stay tuned…The Rebel Veg Academy launches SUMMER 2019. Make sure you sign up for the newsletter so you don’t miss all the details and you can be one of the first to join!